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13 February 2015

rose, heart and polka dot nails

I have not done a nail post in what seems like forever, and its something i really love doing so i thought as its around Valentines day (although I'm not calling it a valentines tutorial) and everything is a little pink and love obsessed i would do one, i just wanted to do something pretty and girlie and i think its safe to say i've achieved that, with the mixture if hearts, roses, polka dots and glitter it looks like Barbie threw up on them but i  do love them!
So if you want to have a go yourself keep reading. 

Nail 1-
I applied two coats of Nails Inc Elizabeth Street allowing time to dry in-between. To get the heart shape i initially tried to make a heart stencil with a bit of paper, unfortunately due to the fact i am one impatient human i kept smudging the base colour so i abandoned the stencil and decided to draw on the heart freehand with a pink nail art pen and fill in. So for anyone with more time and patience than me that wants to try the stencil the base coat needs to be like 200% dry before attempting this...

Nail 2-
I simply applied a silver glitter polish, i used Nails Inc Electric Avenue and i used three coats for maxim cover. 

Nail 3-
I applied two coats of the base colour which is Gosh Bubble Gum allowing to dry inbetween coats. Then using a nail dotter i dotted on a white polish China Glaze Snow in a polka dot pattern. 

Nail 4- 
I applied two coats of China Glaze Snow, then i used Barry M Ballerina to dab on four small circular blobs to make the main shape of the rose then allowed it to dry. Then using the smallest end of a nail dotter i used snow to make small c shapes inside the pink blobs, this really doesn't have to be perfect, it will come together in the end. I then used a Models Own nail art pen in lilac to draw on a couple of c shapes around the pink blobs, and used a green Models Own nail art pen to draw on little triangles coming off off the roses for leaves. 

Nail 5- 
I applied Barry M textured nail effect polish in Princess, and again used three coats. 

After all the nails are dry its best to apply a topcoat to seal and set it all, i used Essie Good to go topcoat. 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, i would love to no if this is something you enjoy and would like to see more off?



  1. These look great! I love how the designs look together. The roses look brilliant!




  2. These are gorgeous. A real girly mani for Valentines x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. I absolutely love mismatched nails! I think I need to do this when my Gelish nails come off. Great photos too! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  4. Oh I love nail number 5! Need to get to BarryM Asap!


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