Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade In Blonde

18 November 2014

I recently treated myself to something that had been top of my beauty wish list for a while, the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade. Since getting more into my beauty and makeup my brows have gone through a slow transformation, i used to be someone who paid barely any attention to their brows and now i feel pretty much naked if i don't put anything on them. My brow transformation has seen me test out a variety of product to find my perfect one, i had been using a combination of a brow pencil and Benefits Gimmie Brow to set but having heard so many people rave about DipBrow i knew i had to try it for myself. 
The DipBrow Pomade is a cream formula that is an all on one product to prime, fill and shape the brows, its smudge and waterproof so is idea for oily skinned gals and for keeping the brows in place in humid climates. 
I ordered the DipBrow in the shade Blonde and whilst at it i also ordered the brush recommended for application, the Anastasia Beverly Hills flat angled brush number 12 as i didn't have a brush i thought would be suitable. I was so excited to finally test it out for the first time to to be honest my first attempt didn't go all that well, i am the first to admit my brow skills are not my strongest point makeup wise and  having never used a product of its sort before on my brows i found it a bit difficult to begin with, i didn't really no how to apply it and was left with two very different looking brows. Inspite of this i was however instantly impressed with the formula and the colour. Since that first tragic attempt i have persevered and luckily improved massively with the application. The DipBrow has a soft creamy texture that applies smoothly to the brows, it fills, adds colour and defines to give a shape shape whilst still making the brows look very natural. For such a hardwearing waterproof product i am also happy to report that it doesn't go dry or crispy like other brow products i have tried i the past, and boy does it last well believe me your brows wont be going anywhere until you remove your makeup at the end of the day. 
Colour wise Blonde was the perfect choice for me, however i do like my brows to be darker than my hair and i think some may find this slightly too dark if they prefer a lighter more natural look. Its is quite a neutral blonde so i think it would work with both warm and cool blondes, however their is a Taupe shade available for anyone wanting a more cool toned option. 
Im also happy i did buy the brush as its the perfect accompaniment to the product, its small, firm and great for precise application it also has a brow brush at the other end to tidy and work the product through the brows. 
I couldn't be more impressed with the DipBrow Pomade, it has completely changed the way i do my brows for the better it fills shapes and defines my brows and i feel they finally frame my face like they should and i don't see my self going back to a pencil now! 

Have you tried the DipBrow Pomade? What did you think?


  1. I have this and I love it, especially for a night out! Recently I have been using Soap and Glory's Archery pencil for everyday though, which is also great.

    Glad this product is working so well for you though, great review!

    Rosie x (

    1. I've heard good things about the Soap and Glory brow products, I might have to try some x

  2. Such a great review :) this has been on my wishlist for so long, I really need to take the plunge and get it!
    Lydia x

    1. If you do you won't be disappointed, Im loving it x

  3. Oh this sounds fab I saw a review a while back and was desperate to get it but just haven't managed too, high on my list now xxx


    1. I hope you do as I'm sure you will Iove it too x


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