Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask

14 October 2014

The Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment had been top of my beauty wish list for such a long time, ever since i saw Shaaanxo rave about it on her You Tube channel and watched in fascination as the mask seemed to literally suck out all the oil and grime from her skin i was just desperate to try it for myself. The only thing putting me off trying it was the rather steep price tag depending on where you buy it from it can range from £35-£45 which i think is very expensive for a face mask. Luckily i spotted a special Glam Glow gift set in Marks and Spencer containing a full size Supermud mask and smaller sized Youthmud mask, and the best bit the set is usually valued at £49.50 but it was on offer for £30!! As you can imagine i snapped it up right away. 
The Glam Glow Supermud clearing treatment is a clearing treatment mask to target, prevent and heal problem skin including large pores, blackheads and breakouts, having oily skin i do suffer with large pores and blackheads and the occasional breakout mainly around my chin. The mask can be used as an all over mask for the skin or you can apply it directly to any breakouts as a spot treatment. 
I couldn't wait to finally try it out and applied a thin layer to my clean skin, its advised to leave it on from 5-20 mins i decided to leave it on for the full 20 minutes to get a really deep clean. I have taken pictures of the stages of the mask in action for anyone interested in actually seeing it get to work on my skin, sorry for anyone who finds it a bit gross! 

Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

The mask is a very dark charcoal grey that has quite a strong scent to me it smells like a mixture of aniseed and mint but it is quite refreshing. It starts to dry super quickly on the skin and its not long before you can barely move your face (hence my miserable expression in the pictures)
It starts to go a light grey when its dry your just left with slightly darker patches where the mask starts to bring out the dirt and grime from the pores, i find it so impressive to actually be able to see a product working on your skin and by the end of the 20 minutes the mask had completely dried and i could see where it had really got to work on my problem areas,mainly my t-zone. 
Once i had washed the mask off i was astounded by the immediate difference in my skin, it looked and felt dramatically different. My skin looked clearer more refined and my pores looked clean and a lot less noticeable, my skin was also super soft and smooth. To me this is the sort of result you want from a face mask, you want your skin to have a noticeable difference and improvement and the Supermud defiantly achieved that for me, i am so impressed it is hands down the best face mask i have ever used and i am looking forward to how it will improve my skin further with each use. 

Have you tried a Glam Glow mask? What did you think?


  1. I already have this on my wishlist but I want it even more now!! It is pricey so going to have to save my pennies for awhile or hope I come across a bargain offer like you did! xx

  2. please tell me this was M&S in Barnstaple?! xx

  3. You look gorgeous even with a face mask on. this is not fair. The glamglow masks are amazing seriously I wish I could keep buying them! xxx


  4. Really want to try this, it looks and sounds amazing x


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