A Few Kind Words

21 October 2014

I don't usually write more personal posts voicing my opinion on something, in-fact i never have this is a first for me but lately something has really hit a nerve with me and i feel like i just want to say something about it. 
Recently i've just been astounded by the amount of nasty and hateful personal comments i have seen a few of my favorite bloggers and vloggers receive, in particular on their instagram photos, and i know this is not something new, and i know all the more "well known" bloggers/vloggers will have been getting this for some time but i guess i've just maybe been a little nieve to the situation, but actually sitting and reading through some the other day i found myself shocked by just how nasty and vindictive some people can be. People making nasty comments about personal appearance, clothing, makeup, style etc, and even more shockingly when being pulled up on their comments some even suggesting that they deserve the abuse for "being in the public eye" or "putting themselves out there on the internet" i mean what?! I will just never begin to understand the people who take time out of their day to post these sort of nasty comments to others and worse even suggesting that they deserve it. 
The fact is nobody deserves that kind of treatment, its not nice and it's not necessary. 
It has also surprised me how many of the commenter's are women, i mean surely other women can understand how insecure we can be about our looks, and how much a bad comment about our hair or our clothes for example can affect us, however yet some still choose to so freely pass their uncalled for "judgement" or "opinion" on another women. Some may argue that were all entitled to our own opinion, and i am by no means saying that we are not, i just don't think you need to share it with the world, if you don't like something about someone's appearance, its not hurting you, just keep it to yourself. 
Something i personally enjoy about blogging is receiving nice comments on blog posts or my social media, the fact that someone had taken the time to write a nice comment really makes my day. 
Words have a lot of power and depending on how you choose to use them, the power to make or break someone's day, i always think back to being told as a child "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" and i think this is still a great point to remember. 
So i do apolagise for my little rant, i'm not trying to be preachy, i just wanted to voice my opinion and possibly maybe encourage people to maybe make a few more nice comments to others and make their day. 

Spread the love people!


  1. This is lovely Zoe! In my opinion, if you publically say anything negative about a person, specifically not talking directly to them, is just a form of bullying and attention seeking. Who really has the right to say something horrible about another person's clothes, body, name etc? I'm about to go on a rant myself, and I 100% can back you up for everything you've just said.

    I love how all the bloggers are sticking together too!

    Laura x

  2. Here, here! great post hun! I see so many nasty comments on youtube, sometimes people are just down right mean! x

  3. Brilliant post, I don't think people realise how much power their words can have. They can still have an impact on a persons life years later. I always try not to say anything unless my words pass the three gates; is it true, is it necessary, is it kind? That Independent article wrote about Zoe Sugg yesterday was nothing but bulling. Not necessary and defiantly not kind. I think it was all attention seeking to be honest. Feel like I've went on a rant in this comment just haha. Anyway hope your having a lovely day! :) xx
    Beyond Bally


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