The Autumn Tag!

12 October 2013

Hello you lovely lot, I had really been wanting to do the Autumn tag. I thought it would be a nice post to do, to get into the Autumn spirit, so i was really glad when my fav bloggy duo,  Claire and Lauren from Stylingo tagged me in. If you don't already follow them go and check there blog out as its one of my favorites!  

Favorite thing about Autumn?
Although i am a massive lover of summer, when autumn comes around i find myself with that happy warm feeling knowing that its time to bring out the toasty clothes and spend more nights in the warm, watching xfactor in your pjs with a cuppa... or a glass (bottle) of wine.  

Favorite drink?
Hot chocolate! I find as soon as the weather starts to get a bit colder i start craving it, i never really fancy it in the summer, not sure why as i still drink tea year round, i just feel its not weather appropriate. 

Favorite scent?
I don't no if this question means scent as in perfume or just a autumn scent in general so I'm going to cover both...  Vera Wang  Pink Princess and err leaves?....

Best lipstick?
Love the berry colored lipsticks for Autumn, my favorite is Kate Moss for Rimmel 107. 

Go to moisturizer?
I cant really pick a go to moisturizer, i change mine so often as i like to keep trying new skincare. When Autumn comes around i do make sure i use lot more and really apply a good amount before bed even though i have oily skin it still needs the extra moisture.  

Go to colours for the eyes?
Definitely deep browns and copper shades to go with berry lips. 

Favorite band/singer to listen to?
I don't know that i really listen to different music at different times of the year (other than christmas) but the band I'm loving now and will be for the remainder of Autumn is the editors, i cant stop listening to there latest album. 

Favorite outfit to wear?
Dresses, with thick tights, boots and layered with comfy jumpers and scarves to keep warm. 

Autumn Treat?
Every Autumn i usually treat myself to a new pair of boots and a nice new coat. 

Favorite place to be?
Its just the best feeling sometimes to be at home in the warm with a nice hot drink and munching away on your favorite comfort foods, when the weather outside is miserable and you don't have to go anywhere. 

I tag-
Lisa and Carrieanne Beautiesunlocked
Harriet Byootee
Allie-May Thefridaygirl

If you decide to do the tag let me no so i can read you answers. I hope you enjoyed reading mine. 



  1. I have already done it on my native language beauty blog, but it's so nice to read other girl's posts about Autumn! More or less everyone loves cozy and warm things, it so cool that we all think same things :)

    Teklalla's World

  2. Oo I love this! Thanks babe!xx

  3. Hot chocolate yes yes!!! I have one every night in autumn oopsie hehe x

  4. I've also done this tag, it was my first of hopefully many and I really enjoyed doing it, and i'm in total agreement of your favourite drink :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover

    1. I like tag posts too I think there a good way to get to know a blogger :) x

  5. Hot chocolate with extra mini marshmallows = perfect! I'm loving flavoured hot chocolates too at the minute :)


    1. Mmmm me too love white chic and orange chioc yumm x


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