LiLash & LiBrow Review with Before & After Results

13 May 2015

I was very excited a few months back to be given the chance test out a couple of new products Lilash* and Librow* serums that claim to help your eyebrows and eyelashes grow longer and thicker, having always wanted longer and fuller eyelashes without the help of false lashes i jumped at the chance. 
The Lilash & Librow duo came beautifully packaged inside the box with purple paper and ribbon which i think was a lovely touch. Inside the box itself you receive the two boxes of serum and a cute little crystalized compact mirror with the the logo on. 
LiLash claims to condition and fortify your lash follicles to help create the most beautiful eyelashes you have ever experiences whilst LiBrow claims to enhance the fullness of your eyebrows by conditioning the brow follicles and gently darkening brow hair with a unique botanical tinting agent to help achieve striking arches and gorgeous brow definition. 
They are both to be applied once a day to clean lashes and brows, i apply them both at night after removing my makeup giving them plenty of time to really absorb into the lashes and brows. Now if your anything like me and your night-time beauty routine is a bit all over the place you might struggle to remember to apply it, i actually did pretty well and pretty much managed to apply it every day, if you forgot you could always apply it the morning instead just leave a few minutes for it to really absorb and dry before applying any makeup to those areas. 
They say it takes about six weeks to see results however after applying the LiLash and LiBrow serums for a couple of weeks i quickly started to notice results, i think the LiBrow started to become more noticeable first. I'm not someone who really has a problem with brow hair although quite light in colour their definitely not sparse and as I'm pretty terrible with brow maintenance and plucking there never over plucked, however i started to notice i was having to pluck them a lot more as they were getting a bit out of control. I think the results of the Lilash took a bit longer to set in but i started to notice them looking a lot more wispy looking and definitely longer there also seemed to be a lot of new lashes growing and filling out any sparse gaps. 
After having applied the LiLash & LiBrow serums for twelve weeks i am happy to share the results as you can see from the pictures below they have made a difference. I think the results of the LiBrow has been hard from me to show as i obviously have had to pluck my eyebrows in that time a hell of a lot more than usual may i add and because they were pretty full before anyway its hard to notice a difference from pictures. The LiLash on the other hand you can clearly see my lashes are not only longer but fuller they also look a lot wispier which i really love. 



LiLash and LiBrow reults
LiLash and LiBrow reults

I have been really impressed with both serums, i would definitely recommend them to anyone who perhaps has over-plucked their brows and wants to help growing areas back or who wants to give their lashes a bit of a boost.

What do think about my LiLash & LiBrow results?


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  1. Wow, such amazing results. My lashes are terrible so something like this would be great for me

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty


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