Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, better than Sheer Glow?

03 April 2015

Nars all day luminous weightless foundation in fiji
 Nars all day luminous weightless and sheer glow comparison
Nars Sheer glow and All day luminous weightless in fuji
Left Nars Sheer Glow, Right Nars All Day Weightless Luminous
With Nars Sheer Glow being undoubtedly my holy grail of foundation, it went without saying that when Nars presented us with their latest foundation offering, that not only claimed to give a natural luminous finish but also last all day that i would have to try it.
I ordered myself a bottle as soon as it was available in the UK, eagerly anticipating its arrival to test it out and compare it to my all time favourite, and now having used it over the last few months i feel ready to have my say.

The most noticeable and welcome addition to the packaging is the pump Nars have decided to add to the Luminous Weightless foundation, i think its great one of my biggest peeves with Sheer glow is having to try and tip the foundation onto my hand or onto the brush which could be messy and give you more product than you need. The bottle is also very smart and sleek looking made of frosted glass, it is a bigger bottle than Sheer Glow but you still get the same amount (30ml).

From the name i expected Luminous Weightless to be a thinner consistency but i was surprised how runny it actually is, compared to Sheer Glow its is very watery. However for such a light foundation it has some impressive coverage like Sheer Glow i would say medium/full it covers imperfections easily  but looks natural, its also incredibly easy to blend in to the skin and you don't need many pumps to cover the face. It does live up to the name in that it feels weightless it really doesn't feel like there anything on your skin which is great because i hate the feel of heavy cakey makeup. It is a lot more of a matte finish than Sheer Glow, and although is is natural looking i feel compared to the glowing finish Sheer Glow gives you it can look a little flat.

This is where the main difference between the two foundations comes to head for me, as much as i love Sheer Glow its probably not best aimed at oily skin like mine and although i adore the finish it gives me it just doesn't last as well as id like before i have to touch my makeup up and most definitely not all day.
All Day Luminous Weightless lasts at least four hours on my skin before i have to blot and add a bit of powder and for a foundation on my skin thats pretty good. After that it requires further touch ups of powder every couple of hours throughout the day and at the end of the day after about 10/12hrs wear its usually worn of a bit around my nose but other than that the rest of my face is still good.
The colour i have in both foundations is Fuji which is Nars shade Light 5, i went with the same shade as my Sheer Glow in the hope it was the same and luckily it is as you can see from the picture above the two and practically identical perhaps Sheer Glow is slightly darker but not much but still a great match for me.

So which is my favourite?
I think when it comes down to it i couldn't pick a favourite because i love them both in deferent ways, and when they run out i will definitely be repurchasing both foundations. If you asked me what foundation gave me my absolute favourite finish then my answer would still be Sheer Glow and if i was picking a foundation where i wanted to look my best perhaps a date or a dinner thats what i would pick, however the foundation i have been reaching for lately has been All Day Luminous Weightless its light natural looking and it can last the day something that i don't find in all foundations and is why it would be my go to for days and nights out where i want my foundation to last.

Have you tried the new Nars foundation? What did you think?


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  1. I wore Sheer Glow on my wedding day and I did powder up a few times because otherwise it wouldn't have lasted all day, but the coverage and finish was perfect, plus it was one of the only decent ones I could find that doesn't contain SPF!xx

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