January Birchbox, My Last Box!

30 January 2014

I have been subscribed to beauty subscription boxes now for nine months. I first subscribed to Glossybox, followed by Birchbox who i have been subscribed too for the last four months. 
As much as i have loved receiving my boxes and have acquired some great products (my first two Birchboxes contained a Laura Mercier product and the latest January addition Benefits Porefessional and Philip Kingsley Elasticiser which i was happy with) i have just found myself feeling very underwhelmed with the boxes in general. 
I do think the idea is a great one, it's a great way to try and discover new products and brands i have found a few new favorites over the months, and it is exciting knowing that your having a box of new products to try delivered to your door every month. I just think for me the excitement and a bit of the novelty has worn off, most boxes only have one or two samples that i have heard of before and am excited about. I've also found a lot of the products always seem to be the same thing i have a handful of hand creams and cleansers waiting to be used that i really don't need. 
I have now cancelled my subscription although my experience with beauty subscription boxes has been a positive one i just feel that i could put that £12.00 towards other beauty items on my wishlist that i really want and need, so thats exactly what i'm going to do. 

Has anyone else got a bit fed up of Glossybox or Birchbox? Or are you still really happy with your boxes?


  1. I don't blame you tbh it's been ages since I've been thinking to subscribe to a box (not sure which one) but all the blog posts I see are disappointing! I always see just one or two products that i may like the rest isn't appealing to me at all.

    I love your posts Zoe keep them coming! :)


  2. I'm so jealous of the PoreFessional you got! But I do know what you mean, if your funds are not unlimited (as some YouTube gurus make them seem), it's much wiser to invest those pounds into something that you'll enjoy for sure. Well I don't have any experiences since my country still doesn't offer anything similar, but if/when we do finally get something like that, I'm probably going to give it a go like you and cancel after a couple of months.
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  3. I've literally just done exactly the same as you, you've summed up my feelings :)


  4. I feel like there was a lot of hype around this months birchbox just because it contained the porefessional, but it just seems like a bit of a waste to me if the other products aren't being used. I'm in the process of cancelling my glossybox subscription, purely because I'd rather know I'm going to use the products I spend my money on.


  5. Still happy with Birchbox, I had the Elasticizer in a previous box and it's amazing!



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