2015 New Year, New You

09 January 2015

The new year is for fresh starts and new beginnings, the time we make our new years resolutions and set ourselves goal we want to achieve that year. What better way to start the new year than by making a few changes to yourself, sometimes just the smallest change can have a massive effect on your confidence and give you that fresh positive outlook get the ball rolling in other areas in your life, so i've got a few tips and ideas that can hopefully inspire you.

Change your hair, its the easiest way to freshen up your look and make a statement. Changing your hair doesn't have to be saved for after breakups, why not start the new year saying goodbye to your old hair maybe like me you've had your hair long for such a long time and cant imagine getting it cut, sometimes you have to just brave the chop after all its only hair it will grow back, you don't even even have to go that drastic, get a fringe, layers change the colour so many simple ways to make a change.

Go Shopping, with the January sales on you have the perfect excuse to shop, the clothes we wear say a lot about us its how we express ourselves and who we are. If your feeling a bit blah about your wardrobe pick up a few new pieces, go bold i no for me a bit of colour can really brighten up my mood the same with prints, if thats a bit out there for you try and bring a bit of colour into your accessories instead.

Have a pamper, giving yourself a little TLC an do wonders with how it makes you feel, i know that i feel at my best when i feel polished and preened and in turn it makes me feel happier and more confident, spend a little time doing those things that were all guilty of neglecting. Put on a face mask, do your nails, pluck those brows, run yourself a hot bath filled with some of your favorite luxury bath products and just chill.

Change up your makeup, its so easy to find a makeup look you like and stick to it, i mean who has time to create a dramatic new look each day i know i haven't got time to get the perfect cat winged liner and get to work on time i struggle enough with that as it is. However if your someone who keeps it pretty neutral try putting on a bright pink or a bold red lipstick for a change and work it, little changes do get noticed.

New you, perhaps for you a new you could be doing something or getting something done you've always wanted too, something you think will help make you feel better in yourself.
I know for me having struggles through my teenage years with bad skin its always been somewhat of a burden something i've struggled with for years, it was fairly bad in my teens calming down luckily in my twenties. It calmed down now and apart from the usual breakouts around that time of the month its much better, however due to all this i do have slight acne scaring and unevenness and it still gets a bit congested. Something i would love to have done would be Microdermabrasion, its a facial treatment that targets some of the skin complaints i suffer amongst others and really just helps to freshen your skin up. For me when i feel happier in my skin i feel happier in myself and i know it would do wonders for my confidence, Microdermabrasion and similar skin treatments are available at Skin Clinics who have clinics across the Uk and are a great way to get started on a new you.

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  1. I really want to visit a sk:n clinic as my acne is getting me down, I keep battling with drugstore products but it's never really the same is it?! Shoppingis the best of course from the post christmas slump xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. No I no how you feel when my skin was at its worst nothing I put on it seemed to help its horrible. I very much agree with the shopping lol xx


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